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No apologies, no condolences

No apologies, no condolences

Putin and company mounted their usual round of lies and accusations after Russians in eastern Ukraine shot down MH17 last week. How do we let them get away with this kind of thing, evading responsibility with relative ease? While we engage in quasi-legal proposals and expressions of concern about securing the crime scene, conducting an international investigation, and tampering with evidence –…

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Thankful we have the NSA to protect us

Thankful we have the NSA to protect us

“NSA is a professional foreign-intelligence organization with a highly trained workforce, including brave and dedicated men and women from our armed forces… As we have said before, the agency has zero tolerance for willful violations of the agency’s authorities or professional standards.” ~ Spokeswoman for the NSA, speaking to Forbes magazine

I guess that’s why highly trained Director of National…

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Memory holes everywhere

The latest warnings about Iraq are that leaders in Iraq must make political progress, or the country will plunge into chaos.

Memory holes everywhere

The latest warnings about Iraq are that leaders in Iraq must make political progress, or the country will plunge into chaos.

Impartial investigations: how to make sure they never happen

Impartial investigations: how to make sure they never happen

It’s instructive to listen carefully to U. S. commentary after the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine. Observers make these points, with some urgency:

We have to secure the crash scene. Put yellow crime tape around it. Don’t leave it in control of the Russian separatists who control it now. They are the ones suspected of launching the missile that brought the plane down, so…

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How do we create more jobs?

How do we create more jobs?

That’s the question: how do we create more jobs? When a politician asks it, the question becomes, “How do we create more good middle class jobs?”

That’s the wrong question. We want to ask instead, “How can we help people make money?” The answer to that question is simple. Get out of the way. How do you get out of the way? That’s simple, too:

    • Get rid of the permission based economy, where business…

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Articles at

Not so surprisingly, I enjoy reading the articles at They are well done, and if you don’t read too many of them in one day, you don’t get too discouraged. If you think about what you’re reading too long, though, you’re liable to go into one of those fearful states where your main question is, “How can this be? Do I live in a place where these kinds of things can happen?”

You can go…

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Don’t think it can’t happen here

Don’t think it can’t happen here

I read this week the White House is baffled the CIA did not report up the chain of command that the people they had turned in Berlin were about to be detained. In a phone call, Merkel didn’t raise the issue, and Obama didn’t know about it! Does the White House conveniently pretend it doesn’t know how our dual system of government works? We have a permanent national security state, and an elected…

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Jul 5

Thoughts on the Fourth of July

It is the Fourth of July. I like to write something on this day.

The occasion seems to assume more meaning each year, as the Republic launched this day 238 years ago loses its own significance. What do I mean when I say the meaning of our republic diminishes with each year? For one answer, read the more pessimistic posts in this blog, the ones about torture, assassination of United States…

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Jul 3

How we can help Ukraine

How we can help Ukraine

MOSCOW — The simmering standoff in eastern Ukraine exploded into warfare early Tuesday, pushing the conflict to a dangerous new phase and prompting President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to warn again that he reserves the right to use force to defend Russian-speaking citizens. ~ New York Times, July 3, 2014

Why are we not, every day, pointing to the real nature of Putin’s project in Ukraine? He…

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Solution of political crimes: truth vs. untruth

Solution of political crimes: truth vs. untruth

If you’ve been following The Jeffersonian even occasionally, you know that I’m writing a book called Infamy. Alright, you probably don’t know that, because I don’t mention the book that much. Whenever I write a post related to the book, I categorize it in this blog. If you select Infamy as your category on the blog’s home page, you’ll bring up a lot of posts.

The book is about 9/11 and Kennedy’s…

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