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In case you didn’t catch what just happened, we will take the patsy we just accused of murdering the president, and have a mafia bagman whack him in the basement of a police station, on television.

In case you didn’t catch what just happened, we will destroy a forty-seven story building in seven seconds, in a controlled demolition, and claim it collapsed due to some fires.



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What happened in Boston, April 15 - 19, 2013?

What happened in Boston, April 15 – 19, 2013?

We have been so incurious about last year’s bombing, as Boston has prepared for this year’s marathon. The Boston Strong motif is back. Publicly, no one seems to care what actually happened last year. You would expect that after a year of investigation, we would know more about the crime now than we did April 15, 2013. Yet we don’t. Prominent events like the FBI’s murder of Ibrahim Todashev, a…

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What have we learned from Edward Snowden’s disclosures?

What have we learned from Edward Snowden’s disclosures?

A few things we have learned from Edward Snowden’s disclosures, and their aftermath:

    • U. S. intelligence officials know that we think they are doing something wrong, but they don’t think they are doing anything wrong. In fact, they feel put upon and angry.
    • Documentation matters. We knew for a long time that the feds were up to no good. Former NSA employees told us so. Seeing the NSA bragabout…

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Evidence of template based crimes

Evidence of template based crimes

I thought, a few years ago, when I wrote the posts that resulted in Revolution on the Ground, that the feds would come looking for me. After all, I argued that we had to find a way to put the feds out of a job, and people do not like to have their job security threatened. No evidence of a phone tap, no black cars with tinted windows sitting outside my house. This neglect is a disappointment. If…

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Aim of the 9/11 truth movement

Aim of the 9/11 truth movement

We have to consider for a few moments the stated aim of individuals in the 9/11 truth movement. When people challenge their evidence, their reasoning, their implied conclusions, their analytical methods, or other elements of their case, 9/11 skeptics say that they simply request a new, impartial investigation. It is a reasonable aim, and a modest one. In its modesty, it deflects the challenges…

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Origins of the 9/11 truth movement

Origins of the 9/11 truth movement

About a generation and a half elapsed between November 22, 1963, to September 11, 2001: thirty-seven years, nine months, and twenty days. If you were born the day Kennedy died, your children would be youngsters on 9/11, as I was on November 22, 1963. We let something terrible happen in 1963: criminals murdered our president, and we did not raise holy hell when they lied about what they had done.…

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Apr 8

Here’s an interesting sidelight of the developing crisis in Ukraine. Twice now I’ve…

Here’s an interesting sidelight of the developing crisis in Ukraine. Twice now I’ve heard in main mainstream press – the Wall Street Journaland NPR – reference to Vladimir Putin’s false flag attacks in Russia in 1999. He used them to gin up the second Chechen war, just as we used we used false flag attacks to gin up wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Putin’s recent activities don’t quite count as…

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Apr 5

Corruption and secrecy in software systems and foreign affairs

Corruption and secrecy in software systems and foreign affairs

As we think about the issue of truth and truth telling in the context of government secrecy, we encounter another interesting connection: that between transparency and security. We associate transparency or openness with trust. Secrecy, the opposite of transparency, is more complicated. Government agencies insist secrecy is essential to protect the American people from our nation’s enemies, yet…

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Apr 3

We might as well call NPR National Propaganda Radio, not National Public Radio. Have you noticed…

We might as well call NPR National Propaganda Radio, not National Public Radio. Have you noticed the nature of their coverage of the ACA lately, as we approached the March 31 enrollment deadline? First of all, it was one of their lead stories again and again, almost as if they had signed up be part of the White House’s propaganda machine. As we approached the deadline, they kept asking, will they…

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Apr 1

My country’s in ruins

My country’s in ruins

This post is not so easy to write. It’s about a subject that has troubled me for some time, but I haven’t thought about it in a productive way. The subject concerns the early promise of America, set against its more recent decline. I won’t be able to write much this evening, so let’s start with some lyrics from a Bruce Springsteen song, My City of Ruins:

There’s a blood red circle,
on the cold…

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